How do You Find the Best Web Hosting Companies?

Web hosting companies seem to be popping up all over the place nowadays, which can make it very difficult to select the right one for your needs. So, how do you find them? Where should you begin your search? Here are some suggestions for finding the best web hosting companies for you.

Check Out Your National and Local Magazines

Nationwide computer magazines and journals often carry adverts for web hosting companies and they will often have special offers on them for the readers of those magazines. Even if you don’t subscribe to these magazines on a regular basis it can be worth picking up the latest issue if you are looking for web hosting companies to host your website for you.

Check with Various Sources Online

e-commerceSearch engines are always a good source of information, and they can take you directly to the websites of plenty of web hosting companies. It’s good to know what kind of package you are looking for so you can look up the right term, instead of simply looking in general. This will narrow down the results you get and make your search far easier.

You should also look in any internet forums which have a section on web hosting companies. People will often give very accurate and personal descriptions of their experiences with certain companies. While you shouldn’t make your decision based on a single review it’s worth adding these in to the overall picture if you are researching the web hosting companies using information from several different sources.

Of course it is tempting at least when you first start out in business to take the cheapest or FREE option, but because of the likely security and downtime problems, not to mention all the other site advertisements you will have to display to your visitors, it is really not recommended.

Check with Friends and Family

Lots of people have at least one website nowadays, and whether it’s for business or personal use they still have to get a host to get it online for them. Try asking around to see which web hosting companies’ people you know use, and see what they think of them. Try and find out (tactfully of course) what they pay each month as well, and what package they use. All these answers will help you to decide which one is right for you and your situation.



For my web hosting needs, I’ve chosen GVO business web hosting services which are used by many of the top marketers online. With a long background in successful internet marketing, CEO and founder Joel Therien knows exactly what web business owners want and need. They are a long established and reputable hosting company with a highly regarded service within the marketing industry and they own their hosting data center, the land on which it sits, all the fiber optics, software, code and programs. All in all, GVO web hosting is top value for any serious business.

In the end it’s down to personal choice which company you choose to host your website for you. A lot will depend on what you need and who will provide it for you at a price you can afford to pay. It’s worth holding off on making a decision until you have considered all your options though – while you can move later on why do so when you can choose the right one from the start?

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