Choosing the Right Web Conferencing Package

computerscreensWeb conferencing is proving to make business life easier. It makes it possible to meet with people around the world with no travel costs. Web conferencing technology available today includes features such as file sharing, document sharing, application sharing, instant messages, recording, VoIP, and desktop sharing.

Compared with the prices when web conferencing first started, prices have gone down considerably. It used to be web conferencing was only available for big companies, but now, it is easily available to small businesses and ordinary people.

Here are some of the common features you should look for in a web conference program:

  • Aside from text chat or instant messaging, audio communication is in the form of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows users to communicate over the world wide web with no long distance charges. And, when your participants have web cameras installed, you can enjoy full video chatting.
  • Web conferencing programs use common applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Adobe Flash Player to create graphic presentations with enhanced audio and video streaming. For PowerPoint presentation sharing, the presentation is compressed in the presenter’s computer and then sent to the server. The server then sends it to all the participants, caching it in the presenter’s computer. This allows the presenter to change the presentation slides.
  • Desktop sharing is a valuable feature of web conferencing. Desktop or screen sharing allows the presenter to display everything that’s on his computer screen to be seen by the participants in real time.
  • File sharing, document and application sharing allows the presenter to share a selected document with the participants. Documents or files created in Word, Excel, layouts in graphics program can be shared. File sharing is the same as the PowerPoint presentation sharing.
  • You should expect your web conferencing software to have a window dedicated in viewing the roster of attendees of the conference.
  • A whiteboard encourages brainstorming and other on-the-spot creative process. With this feature, web conferencing provides text and drawing capability.
  • The moderator can also hand off the control of the flow of the discussion to allow one of the participants to run the meeting.
  • Recording and archiving your web conference meetings can be done easily so you store documentation of the meeting for future reference. Only the moderator determines who are allowed to access the recording after the conference.

Meet Cheap offers numerous options where there is a fixed number of seats that can be used for a certain amount of time. The most popular package includes 100 seats for only $9.97 per month. If you need additional seats, there are other packages available.

To further contribute and enhance your web conferencing experience, there are add-ons or additional features that you can avail for extra price of course.

  • You may want your system to include a reservation/confirmation system.
  • If your computer does not have a built-in web camera, you can usually purchase one for around $50 – $100.

To get the best web conference service that fit for your needs, make sure that you are armed with relevant and detailed questions about the service these providers are offering. Don’t get overexcited and join a provider just because they are the most popular in the market. Meet Cheap is a great choice for web conferencing and will cost you much less than some of the so-called big boys out there.

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