5 Ways To Create An Awesome Viral Video

A viral video is one that is passed along from people through the Internet, cellphone or email. The most successful clips spread like pandemics. They jump international and cultural barriers, and expose millions of spectators to the messages they contain.

For each video that goes viral there are countless thousands of others that fizzle out after less than 100 views on YouTube. Experienced video promoters know that viral videos contain certain characteristics and methods which you can learn and insert into your next video project.

Welcome to the Club

Employing a highly recognizable song, slogan or situation gives the idea that the viewer is a component of the popular crowd. Increase the impact of this method by selecting material that appeals to your target audience. In the 1984 motion picture, The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger was refused entry to a police station. He said the legendary phrase, “I’ll be back!”, and shortly returned to break his way within and wipe out everyone in the building. The Terminator movie made over four million dollars in its first ticket office weekend, and went on to spawn 3 sequels. It is safe to presume that the protagonist’s slogan will be familiar to several in the 30 to 60 age group.


Music is a powerful mood setter. It can be employed for comedic or dramatic effect. To lift your chances of making a video which goes viral select the supporting soundtrack carefully. To avoid copyright contravention penalties make your own music, pick a track from YouTube’s copyright free music library or source a Creative Commons licensed backing track.

Keep it Positive

There are exceptions to the rule but viral videos tend to have a contented, pop or upbeat soundtrack. The faster tempo generates more interest in the clip and increases the likelihood of it being passed along to pals.


Keep it Short


Viral videos are usually short, taking little more than 2 minutes at the most to get the message across to your audience. When you believe you have finished editing your video, go back and edit it again. Cut it to the bone. Keep only those scenes that add something to the story or move the action along.


Make it Snappy


Don’t underestimate your audience’s capability to ‘get it. ‘ A scene can deliver its message in as little as three seconds. If you allow more than 10 seconds per scene you risk losing your viewers to dullness.

To conclude, making a viral video is about being creative and getting your idea across effectively and swiftly. You need to let your inspiration go!