Set Yourself Apart with a Unique Lead Capture Page

lead captureThe MOST overlooked, but MOST critical item that most people overlook in Internet Marketing is the LEAD CAPTURE PAGE or SQUEEZE PAGE. Generally, the company or affiliate program you become involved with will give you a capture page or a replicated website. BUT HERE IS THE PROBLEM…

That same lead capture page is used by 95% of the members in that company, which means, now you are not only you in competition with the thousands in other network marketing companies, but MOST importantly, now you are in competition with the 95% in your own company.

Here’s what separates the 95% from the 5% in your company.
Those 5% understand that just because the company gives you a website to use, it doesn’t mean that it is the best site to use, because the fact is that IT IS NOT!

Your lead capture page should be unique… unlike those other 95%. That’s how you will stand out in the crowd and get better search engine placements. And, hands down… the best lead capture pages will include a video… YOUR video that personalizes the page and makes it totally unique.

You can easily create a video for your lead capture page using the Easy Video Producer included in the GVO Titanium account. That video can then be easily imported into a full customizable lead capture page and hosted either on the GVO server or downloaded to your own domain.

Dozens of Video Lead Capture Page Templates
There are dozens of templates to choose from, including business, real estate, family, health, special events, business opportunity, or for your GVO business. Each is fully customizable giving you a very unique lead capture page that sets you apart from everyone else.

Do you want to convert 20-30% more of your traffic into leads? Are you converting at the highest possible conversion rate now? Ever wonder what your business would look like if you had more leads and opt ins? Get started today using Easy Video Producer and take the step in the right direction to become one of 5% who are the Top Earners in your company.

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Vic Bilson has been helping people for over a decade to launch an Internet presence and build an online business from their home or anywhere they have an Internet connection.